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We reduce the stress associated with divorce and child custody for people who value their family.

Separation-When you feel like your world is falling apart and you don’t even know where to begin is when you need help the most. It is important that you as the client are valued and know your rights when it comes to separation and divorce. Advocate Family Law exists to provide top of the line customer service so you are not alone when it comes to separating from your spouse. Let us be your Advocate that stands up for you.

Divorce-Many of our clients have compared divorce to experiencing the death of a loved one. At Advocate Family Law Group we want to make this process as painless as possible. We offer more than just a legal solution to your problem. Our desire is to give you hope for your future and to help you see the light during a dark time in your life.

Child Custody-Your children are the most important people in your life.  You need an experienced family law attorney to help you protect your relationship with your children, ensure that you spend time with them regularly, and have a voice in making decisions for them. Your children’s best interests are always a priority for us.  Advocate Family Law Group can help you preserve this important relationship with your child.

Other Services- Prenuptial agreements, child support, post-separation support, termination of parental rights and adoption.

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